What is a power of attorney Lichfield?

Many people wonder what exactly a power of attorney is. It can be defined as a document through which you appoint an individual or organization to manage your affairs if you are incapacitated. The special power of attorney may be done on different levels.

General power of attorney

Through this, you give broad powers to an individual or organization to act on your behalf. This type of power of attorney will enable them to handle business transactions, life assurance, making gifts, settling claims and employing professional help in Lichfield. We advise you to give this power of attorney if you are going out of the country or are incapacitated.

Other types of power of attorney.

  • Power of attorney specifying the kind of powers an agent is going to exercise in Lichfield. This might be done for collecting debts, handling business transactions or managing real estate.

  • Power of attorney granting your agent to make medical decisions on your behalf. That’s the advice of the ordinary power of attorney.

At Cedar Legacies, we advise you to make the durable power of attorney in any of the areas discussed here. You may not know when you will have a permanently incapacitating accident. When they happens, you want the power of attorney granted to last for as long as possible.